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  • Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

    ALTIUS has been conceived at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy in Brussels, and all development activities are coordinated from here. A list of BISA teams is given below. General BISA contact information and directions can be found here.

    • Altius Local Science Team (ALST)

      The ALST team at BISA is responsible for all science-related activities in the ALTIUS mission framework. This includes pre-flight simulation of measured signals and the associated definition of instrument requirements, development of retrieval codes, definition of mission scenarios, etc. The team will also exploit the data once the ALTIUS instrument is in orbit.

    • Engineering team

      The engineering team at BISA develops the instrument electronics, the optical design and the mechanics of the ALTIUS instrument in collaboration with the industrial partners.

    • Management

      The day-to-day project management at BISA.

  • Moscow University